Multi-tasking and Writing

I think I am not a multi-tasker.

I always thought I was, and god knows at work I act like I am at least two people at all times, but when it comes to writing, I’m just not.

For the past six months I’ve been working on my book and that caused me to completely neglect my blog. (SORRY, BLOG! SORRY, READERS!)

I felt like every time I had to choose. If I was working on the book, my mind was all there, so if I dared to write for the blog, I was losing my book’s story line freshness. Apparently I am monogamous when it comes to writing assignments, or at least I am monogamous one at a time.

I envy writers that can work on a book (or two) while also working on some short stories and perhaps an article they have freelanced.

As far as I’m concerned, working on one project at a time allows me to concentrate all of my attention just on that, and let me tell you my attention is scarce, with having a full-time job, house, husband, kids. So whatever little attention I have leftover by the end of the day, I only channel it to one thing. This year I picked the novel to be a priority. Now that the first draft is done and I’m letting it simmer, I can pour some of my soul on my blog.

How do you work? Are you able to juggle many projects and stay on a top? Or are you a writing single-tasker?


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On Being Alone

A friend wrote to me about a vacation she recently took. She spent two weeks out of state. One week ended up being peaceful and another week was hectic, but she enjoyed them both. Her main point about the vacation was that she spent it alone. She said, and I quote: “I needed it.”

That made me think back on my life and I realized that I have never been alone, on my own. At least not for a sizable length of time.

One may say that I should be thankful that I have never been alone, and I am. What I’m wondering about here is a chance of being alone with yourself, your thoughts, your life choices; uninfluenced, un-pressured.

Make no mistake about it, I was raised right and be forever thankful to my parents and the rest of family for shaping me into a person that I am. But, never living on my own, I will forever more have a “what if” roaming around in my mind.

As humans we always wonder about nature vs. nature and what really made us what we are today. Growing up and even in my early adulthood the thought of being alone scared me. I have always lived as a part of a big, happy family and saw no reason of being away from it.

Through my relationships later in life I still managed to live in a company of someone else. My boyfriend, later my husband, my kids.

I believe that desire to be in my own company, at least for a short while, developed as I got older and got more comfortable with myself. When I was younger and my self-esteem was non-existent I needed someone to be there for me and tell me if what I did was good, that the choices I made were right, that my existence was worth it. As I went through my thirties and gained work and life experience, with support of those surrounding me, I finally learned to trust myself, believe in my abilities, know that I was good enough. And with that came the desire to finally hear myself. Desire to see if I have something to say, if I have an opinion of my own or just to have a complete silence in my head.

I began to blog and write. At first it was really hard. Every word on the page seemed to judge, question its perfection and cause all kinds of self-doubt. Apparently I had to learn to trust myself with that as well. I’m still struggling with that, but the more I write, the easier it gets.

I still haven’t been on my own, but my family gives me days when they go out and leave me alone. I use this time to focus on my writing, read, sit still and ponder, or just nap. These are the nice breaks that my introverted soul uses to recharge, but I wonder about having longer stretches of time like these. I heard of writing retreats but have never tried one. Have any of you been to one and have you seen any benefits?


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