Lessons From The Writers Conference

Recently I have attended Greater Los Angeles Writers Conference. It’s a fantastic event that takes place every summer with over fifty speakers on a variety of topics. Dozens of sessions run in three tracks: Aspiring, Active and Accomplished.

There is something for everyone: self-editing techniques, development of the characters, secrets of writing a romance, meeting with the agents, learning to pitch your book and then pitching it.

It’s an annual even that I always look forward to and where I learn a lot.

This year there were a few things that stuck with me and I would like to share them with you.

  • Write a short story about each of your main characters to get to know them better
  • ‘Interview’ your character to achieve the same
  • Give character a small pattern of behavior that has a meaning behind it and use it throughout the story
  • Pick out character’s favorite words (10 to 20) and use them to give your character unique voice
  • When re-writing your book, read through it and create an outline to see if your story flows and if there are any plot holes
  • In your re-writing make sure that these elements are addressed:
    • Structure
    • Pace
    • Conflict
    • Consistency of tone
    • Number of characters
  • Be persistent in marketing and in learning the craft
  • Networking is extremely important
  • Make sure to buy your own ISBNs (http://www.bowker.com/)
  • Writing is a business and you are responsible for it and should treat it as such

I highly recommend attending a writers conference in your area. It’s a great place to learn, meet fellow writers, forge friendships, make valuable connections and even pitch your book.

Have you attended conferences/writer events recently?




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