I’ll Be Moving, Name Will Stay

There comes a time in every teenager’s life to move out of the parents’ house.

OK, I’m not a teenager (I wish!), but my blog is growing in a mature young adult and it needs more room (and tools) to grow. It needs to move.

I have enjoyed immensely my time, opportunity and tools that WordPress.com offered and the bloggers I have discovered here, but as I’m growing as a writer and blog owner, I find myself running into limitations of WP.com more and more. After much consideration, I have decided that it’s time to move to a self-hosted solution where I can truly spread my wings.

The good news, I own my blog’s domain so my blog address will stay as www.LillithBlack.com, so all the wonderful people that are following my blog now will be able to find me at my new location. Still, I would hate to lose you guys and gals, so if you want to stay in touch after the move, please follow the link and sign up for my Weekly Inspiration Newsletter where I send out content you won’t find on my blog as well as links to any recent posts I had.

I also welcome any advice, heads up on pain points when it comes to migrating the blog from one place to another, so please do post in the comments below this post any info you have.

The move will take place in September and I will give you updates as I’m going through the process so you know when I switch over. I have already added all the awesome blogs that I follow today to my Old Reader so I can follow you after I no longer have the access to Freshly Pressed. I always do and will look forward to your fantastic posts.

Until later, with growing pains…

Yours truly


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